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Thermal analysis example

A Lua script implementation of the Pennes Bioheat equation

The specific example focuses on the thermal analysis of a hip implant in an MRI system, more detail is available in the following white paper.

This example contains a Lua implementation of the transient Pennes Bioheat equation using an explicit solution of the finite spatial and time derivatives. The equation takes into account heat transfer through absorbed EM power, thermal conductivity, perfusion and metabolic heat generation. Convection and thermal radiation boundaries are used to describe the heat transfer to the surrounding air at ambient temperature.

  1. Download and unzip the example below, the electromagnetic simulation results have already been computed.
  2. The script can be added directly as an application macro to POSTFEKO, however when running the script from the script editor, progress information is printed to the console.
  3. Parameters are set for the temperature simulation, including which near field request to use, time step and time duration.
  4. Material parameters are either entered directly or can be read from an excel file, an example can be found in the zip file.
  5. Once the script has finished, a datafield will be available in POSTFEKO, which can be plotted in a 3D view or on a Cartesian graph.