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Lua Scripts

POSTFEKO_6_2_scripting_IDE.jpgFEKO users often have specific requirements for model setup or visualisation, which are too specific to be included in the general FEKO user interface.  The FEKO Lua scripting interface is the ideal method for implementing solutions to these requirements, while still leveraging FEKO's strengths.

The following Lua scripts are provided for the solution of such problems. Please contact your local FEKO distributor with any questions about these scripts, to request scripts or to submit your own script for evaluation and possible publication to the wider FEKO community.

Reasonable care is taken to ensure that scripts are correct and that they are properly described, but no guarantees are made about validity.

How to load and execute scripts

  1. The Home tab in either CADFEKO or POSTFEKO has an area called Scripting.  Launch the script editor by clicking on its button in the Scripting area.
  2. In the script editor it is a simple task to load the appropriate script and execute it by clicking the Run button.

Scripts that are used often may be added to the Application Macro drop-down in the CADFEKO or POSTFEKO ribbon's
Scripting area.  In this way the script may be launched often by simply accessing it via the Application Macro drop-down menu.

Adding a script in CADFEKO or POSTFEKO Executing a script from the script editor



Scripts available for download

Title Description
Calculate the far field phase centre A stand-alone script is available that can be used to calculate the phase centre of a calculated far field using the Lua scripting languange available in POSTFE...
Characteristic mode analysis (CMA) plotter This script is used for easy plotting of CMA simulation results.
Convert between loss tangent and conductivity A script to convert between loss tangent and conductivity.
ISAR image processing This plugin computes and displays an inverse synthetic aperture radar (ISAR) image from backscattered radar cross section (RCS) data.
MIMO performance evaluation The script is used for calculating mean effective gain (MEG) and envelope correlation coefficient (ECC) for a MIMO antenna configuration. The MEG ratio can also...
MRI quantities B1+, B1-, ratio and iSNR A Lua script that computes B1+, B1-, the ratio and the intrinsic SNR for MRI investigations.
Multi-port post-processing A plugin that facilitates the calculation of results for changes in port loading without re-running the solver.
Parameter sweep Investigate the effect of changing variables. The plugin contains Lua scripts for setting up and launching a parameter sweep in CADFEKO and processing sweep da...
Plot multiple S-parameter traces Easily plot multiport S-parameter results.
Radiation hazard exclusion zones iso-surfaces The wizard guides the user through selection of appropriate data, a radiation standard and output requirements before rendering all radiation hazard exclusion z...
Thermal analysis example A Lua script implementation of the Pennes Bioheat equation
Tile two windows A script to tile side-by-side any two POSTFEKO views.