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Other Journal Papers

Non-specified journal papers featuring FEKO.

Year Authors Title Publication
2015 Gopinath Gampala, Martin Vogel and C. J. Reddy Efficient Design and Analysis of Airborne Radomes Microwave Journal
2014 Chenchen Jimmy Li and Hao Ling Investigation of Wireless Power Transfer Using Planarized, Capacitor-Loaded Coupled Loops Progress In Electromagnetics Research
2013 Aale Naqvi and Hao Ling A study of radar features of wind turbines in the HF band Progress In Electromagnetics Research
2013 Min-Chuan Tsai, Chien-Wen Chiu, Hwang-Cheng Wang and Ter-Feng Wu Inductively coupled loop antenna design for UHF RFID on-body applications Progress In Electromagnetics Research
2014 Gary Junkin Phase Shifting Holography for THz Near-field/Far-field Prediction Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters
2013 Ahmet M. Elbir, T. Engin Tuncer Calibration of antenna arrays for aeronautical vehicles on ground Aerospace Science and Technology
2013 Stara et al. Validation of numerical approaches for electromagnetic characterization of magnetic resonance radio frequency coils Progress In Electromagnetics Research M
2013 Shang-Te Yang and Hao Li Electromagnetic Simulation of the Near-Field Distribution around a Wind Farm International Journal of Antennas and Propagation
2012 Shumin Wang (1), Hai Lu (1), C.J. Reddy (2) A Four-Element “Clover” Transceiver Array for 3 Tesla Cardiac MRI Microwave Journal
2012 Rensheng Sun Performance Evaluation of Antenna Integration on Mobile Devices Through Full-Wave Analysis Antenna Systems & Technology
2012 Ertürk, M. A. (1,2), El-Sharkawy, A.-M. M. (1) and Bottomley, P. A. (1,2) Interventional loopless antenna at 7 T Magnetic Resonance in Medicine
2012 G. Gampala (1), C.J. Reddy (1), O. Stabler (2) and T. Hager (2) Compact Antenna for MIMO LTE Mobile Phone Applications Microwave Journal
2012 David B. Davidson Potential technological spin-offs from MeerKAT and the South African Square Kilometre Array bid South African Journal of Science
2011 Volkan Acikel and Ergin Atalar Modeling of radio-frequency induced currents on lead wires during MR imaging using a modified transmission line method Medical Physics Journal
2011 D.-B. Lin [1], I-T. Tang [2] and C.-C.Wang [1] UHF RFID H-Shaped Tag Antenna Using Microstrip Feed Design on Metallic Objects Journal of Electromagnetic Waves and Applications
2010 J. Gemio, J. Parrón, J. Soler Human Body Effects on Implantable Antennas for ISM Bands Applications: Models, Comparison and Propagation Losses Study Progress In Electromagnetics Research (PIER)
2010 J.Gemio, J.Parrón, Paco, G.Junkin, J.Marín, O. Menéndez A split-ring-resonator loaded monopole for triple band applications Journal of Electromagnetic Waves and Applications
2010 M Botha and J Huysamen Electromagnetic Modeling of UHF RFID Systems Antenna Systems and Technology
2010 H.-S. Lui, H.T. Hui Effective Mutual Coupling Compensation for Direction Finding Using a New, Accurate Determination Method for the Receiving Mutual Impedance Journal of Electromagnetic Waves and Application
2009 Florian Krug (1) and Bastian Lewke (2) Electromagnetic Interference on Large Wind Turbines Energies
2009 A. Takacs, M. Huard, S. Kessler, G.A. Chakam, E. Lardjane Estimation of Low Frequency Coverage Inside Car for Passive Access System Entry Electronic Letters
2009 A. Kumar (1,2), W. A. Edelstein (1), and P. A. Bottomley (1,2) Noise Figure Limits for Circular Loop MR Coils Magnetic Resonance in Medicine
2008 Hui Zhang, Lester Low, Jon Rigelsford and Richard Langley Field distributions within a rectangular cavity with vehicle-like features IET, Science, Measurement & Technology
2008 M. A. Alves (1), I. M. Martins (2,3), M. A. S. Miacci (2), and M. C. Rezende (1) Radar Cross Section of Simple and Complex Targets in the C-band: A Comparison between Anechoic Chamber Measurements and Simulations PIERS Online
2008 D. Estlick Antenna Designs on Full Scale Aircraft and Vehicles Using Advanced Computational Electromagnetics - An Introduction RF Globalnet
2008 A. Kumar and P. A. Bottomley Optimized Quadrature Surface Coil Designs Magnetic Resonance Materials in Physics, Biology and Medicine (MAGMA)
2006 B. Woods and E.H. Burger Using Hybridized MoM Techniques for Numerical Target Characterization and Radar Antenna Analysis RF Globalnet Newsletter
2006 B. Woods RF Radiation Hazard and Antenna Placement Analysis on Electrically Large Military Platforms RF Globalnet
2006 Ananda Kumar and Paul A. Bottomley Optimizing the Intrinsic Signal-to-Noise Ratio of MRI Strip Detectors Magnetic Resonance in Medicine