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Fast Prototyping of Near-Field Antennas for Magnetic Resonance Imaging by Using MoM Simulations and 3-D Printing Technology

Hai Lu[1], Xiaotong Sun[2], Mark S. Bolding[3], C. J. Reddy[4], and Shumin Wang[1]

[1] Auburn University, [2] Doty Scientific, [3] Dept of Radiology, University of Alabama at Birmingham, AL, [4] Alair Engineering, Inc.

Near-field antennas are critical to the performance of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). Unlike conventional antennas designed for far-field radiation, there are rather strict geometric requirements, such as conformity and symmetry. We present a fast-prototyping approach that combines accurate electromagnetic simulation and 3-D printing technology, in order to meet the design requirements. A unique feature of this approach is the precise translation of coil model in electromagnetic simulations to mechanical design that can be manufactured directly by 3-D printing. Two examples are given to demonstrate the validity and effectiveness of this approach.

IEEE Antennas and Propagation Magazine





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