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ACES Conference and Journal Papers

Papers from the Applied Computational Electromagnetics Society (ACES) Conference and ACES Journal that refer to FEKO.

Year Authors Title
2016 Hai Lu and Shumin Wang A Simulation Study of Folded Dipole in Magnetic Resonance Imaging for Compatible Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation
2016 Abdul Maalik, Roberto Rojas-Teran, Robert J. Burkholder Design Curves of a Substrate-Backed Printed-Dipole in an Infinite-Array Environment and a Novel Reflectarray Unit-Cell Design Example
2016 Ulrich Jakobus (1), Johann van Tonder (1), Marlize Schoeman (1), Elia A. Attardo (2) Review of the Latest Feature Additions to the Electromagnetic Solver FEKO
2016 Abdul Maalik (1), Ismatullah (2) Synthesis and Realization of Radiation Pattern of Reflector Antenna using an Aperiodic Array of Microstrip Patches
2016 Seth A. McCormick and William O. Coburn Microstrip Grid Array Fed against an EBG
2016 William R. “Dick” Smith (1), George Palafox (2) Electromagnetic Interference Among Cables and Antennas on Military Ground Vehicles
2016 William O’Keefe Coburn Ultra-Wideband Planar Antennas: Slot vs. Monopole
2016 Maxim Ignatenko and Dejan S. Filipovic Electrically Small Half-Loop for Wideband HF On- The-Move Operation
2015 Yifeng Qin [1], Donovan E. Brocker [1], Chenming Zhou [2], Jingcheng Li [2], Joseph Waynert [2], Pingjuan L. Werner [1], and Douglas H. Werner [1] Efficient Modeling of a Small Circular Loop Antenna Coupling to a Twin-Lead Transmission Line
2015 Martin Vogel Electromagnetic Environmental Effects on Aircraft with Composite Materials
2015 Christian W. Hearn [1], William A. Davis [2] FEKO Simulation of Multi-Resonant Low-Profile PIFA
2015 Gopinath Gampala and C. J. Reddy Comparison of Various CEM Methods for Antenna Array Applications
2015 Gopinath Gampala and C. J. Reddy Design and Analysis of FSS Radomes
2015 Bingle, Garcia-Aguilar, Illenseer, Jakobus, Lezar, Longtin, and van Tonder 1 Overview of the Latest Electromagnetic Solver Features in FEKO Suite 7.0
2015 William O’Keefe Coburn An Ultra-Wideband Absorber Backed Planar Slot Antenna
2015 Quang Nguyen and Ozlem Kilic Mutual Coupling Effects in Through-the-Wall Imaging of Targets Behind Wall Structures
2015 Lars J. Foged, Lucia Scialacqua, Francesco Saccardi, Francesca Mioc[1], Javier L. A. Quijano [2], and Giuseppe Vecchi [3] Using Antenna Measurements in Numerical Simulations
2015 Seth A. McCormick [1] and William O. Coburn [2] Simple Analysis of an Electromagnetic Band Gap Structure
2015 Anne I. Mackenzie Comparison of Two AMC’s on a High-Permittivity Substrate
2015 Payam Nayeri (1), Atef Z. Elsherbeni (1), Randy L. Haupt (1), and Fan Yang (2) Near-Field Scanning Characteristics of Focused Reflectarray Antennas
2015 A. J. Fenn, D. J. Pippin, D. Hogan, C.M. Lamb, F. G. Willwerth, H.M Aumann, J. P. Doane 3D-Printed Conformal Microstrip Patch Array Antenna: Simulations and Measurements
2014 Slawomir Koziel Low-Cost Yield Estimation for FEKO-Simulated Structures
2014 Tadashi Chisaka (1), Yoshihide Yamada (1), Naobumi Michishita (1) and Hideaki Namba (2) Calculated and Measured RCS Values of a Scale Model Airplane
2014 T. Ito (1), S. Tanaka (2) and H. Morishita (1) Design and Performance Comparison of Folded Dipole Antenna with Feed Line for Mobile Terminal
2014 Wei-Jiang Zhao, and Binfang Wang Current-Based Hybrid Technique for Modeling of Radio Wave Propagation in Aircraft Cabins
2014 William O’Keefe Coburn A Single Turn Wide Loop Antenna
2014 Ulrich Jakobus, Kitty Longtin, Danie Ludick, Marlize Schoeman, Johann J. van Tonder Extensions in FEKO Suite 6.3 to the MoM and MLFMM based Solvers
2014 Quang Nguyen, Ozlem Kilic Electromagnetic Scattering from Multiple Domains Using a Hybrid Numerical and Analytical Solution
2014 J. Pieter Jacobs (1), Slawomir Koziel (2) and Piotr Kurgan (3) Computationally Inexpensive Modeling of Microwave Filters By Means of a Two-Stage Gaussian Process Regression Methodology
2014 Gopinath Gampala and C. J. Reddy Radome Analysis Techniques in FEKO
2013 D. Campbell (1), G. Gampala (1), C. J. Reddy (1), M. Winebrand (2), and J. Aubin (2) Modeling and Analysis of Anechoic Chamber Using CEM Tools
2013 Slawomir Koziel (1) and J. Pieter Jacobs (2) Modeling of Microwave Structures Using Variable-Fidelity FEKO Simulations, Fuzzy Systems and Space Mapping
2013 Peter Futter (1) and C.J. Reddy (2) Application of Hybrid FEM/MoM Technique for MRI Applications
2013 James C. West, Vignesh Rajamani, and Charles F. Bunting An Examination of the Accuracy of Integral Equation Based Modeling of the Fields within a Reverberation Chamber
2013 Dawn H. Trout and Janessa Burford Model to Test Electric Field Comparisons in a Composite Fairing Cavity
2013 Mohamed M. Elsewe, Varun K. Dandu and Deb Chatterjee Assessment of Computational Fidelity of MoM and FEM Solvers for Characterizing a Class of UWB Microstrip Antennas: 2-Element Case
2013 Mohamed M. Elsewe, Varun K. Dandu, and Deb Chatterjee Assessment of Computational Fidelity of MoM and FEM Solvers for Characterizing a Class of UWB Microstrip Antennas: Single-Element Case
2013 Amedeo Capozzoli (1), Claudio Curcio (1), Angelo Liseno (1), Marzia Migliorelli (2) and Giovanni Toso (3) Analysis of a Periodic Reflectarray by Using FEKO
2013 William O’Keefe Coburn and Russell Harris A Planar Resonant Loop Antenna
2013 Tadashi Chisaka (1), Naobumi Michishita (1), Yoshihide Yamada (1) and Hideaki Namba (2) Comparisons of RCS Calculation Algorithms in FEKO
2013 Donovan E. Brocker (1), Joseph Waynert (2), Jingcheng Li (2), Nicholas W. Damiano (2), Douglas H. Werner (1) and Pingjuan L. Werner (1) Modeling of Medium Frequency Propagation Experiments at the NIOSH Safety Research Coal Mine
2013 Janus B. Cihlar and Joey R. Bray Electric Hotwire Detonator Radar Cross Section Modeling Using FEKO
2013 Payam Nayeri (1), Atef Z. Elsherbeni (1) and Fan Yang (1,2) Full-Wave Analysis of Planar Reflectarrays with Spherical Phase Distribution for 2-D Beam-Scanning using FEKO Electromagnetic Software
2013 John T. Becker, Jacob J. Carrick, Nathan P. Miller and W. F. Perger FEKO Modeling of a Planar Inverted-F Antenna
2013 Katsuya Mouri, Naobumi Michishita, and Yoshihide Yamada Comparisons of Stored Electric and Magnetic Energies in Self-Resonant Normal-Mode Helical Antennas
2013 Ulrich Jakobus, Evan Lezar, Danie Ludick, Marlize Schoeman, Johann J. van Tonder Recent Developments in the Electromagnetic Solution Kernel of FEKO
2012 Ananda Kumar Induced Current Analysis to Determine Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Safety of Cardiac Pace Maker Leads
2012 Junichi Shinohara (1), Naobumi Michishita (1), Yoshihide Yamada (1), Mohammad Tariqul Islam (2) and Norbahiah Misran (2) Design of a Shaped Beam Array Feed for an Offset Parabolic Reflector
2012 Christian W. Hearn (1,2), William A. Davis (1) Post-Processing FEKO 3-D Pattern Data for Spherical Mode Coefficients
2012 Ming Chen, Chi-Chih Chen, Dimitrios Psychoudakis and John L. Volakis A Novel Textured Ferrite Ground Plane for Low Profile Spiral Antenna
2012 Payam Nayeri (1), Atef Z. Elsherbeni (1), and Fan Yang (1,2) Design, Full-Wave Simulation, and Near-Field Diagnostics of Reflectarray Antennas using FEKO Electromagnetic Software
2012 William F. Moulder, Kubilay Sertel and John L. Volakis Finite Size Effects on the Performance of Ultrawideband Tightly Coupled Arrays
2012 Slawomir Koziel Reliable Design Optimization of FEKO-Simulated Microwave Structures Using Manifold Mapping
2012 Jeffrey Chalas, Kubilay Sertel and John L. Volakis Evaluation of In-Situ Antenna Performance Using Characteristic Modes
2012 Christopher Thajudeen, Wenji Zhang, Ahmad Hoorfar Efficient Forward Modeling of Large Scale Buildings and Through-the-Wall Radar Imaging Scenarios
2012 Keita Ochiyama, Naobumi Michishita and Yoshihide Yamada Self resonant structures of very small normal-mode helical antennas in case of containing dielectric or magnetic materials inside
2012 William O’Keefe Coburn(1) and Amir I. Zaghloul (1, 2) Numerical Analysis of Stacked Tapered Slot Antennas
2012 Randy L. Haupt (1) and Rensheng Sun (2) Calculating Radiation Hazards from Phased Arrays Using FEKO
2012 Mukund R. Thyagarajan, and Satish K. Sharma Some Investigations on Reflector Antenna Performance by Employing a Triple Mode Feedhorn Using FEKO
2012 Danie Ludick, Ulrich Jakobus and Danie le Roux Characteristic Mode Analysis of Conducting Bodies with FEKO
2012 Christian W. Hearn (1,2), William A. Davis (1) Post-Processing FEKO 3-D Pattern Data for Coverage Level Comparisons
2012 Donovan E. Brocker (1), Joseph Waynert (2), Peter E. Sieber (1), Jingcheng Li (2), Douglas H. Werner (1), and Pingjuan L. Werner (1) Modeling of Medium Frequency Propagation Along a Thin Wire Parallel to a Lossy Return Path
2012 Slawomir Koziel and Leifur Leifsson Adaptive Response Correction for Low-Cost Optimization of Microwave Structures with FEKO
2012 Andrew N. O’Donnell, Robert J. Burkholder Overcoming Nyquist Sampling of Scattered Fields through Compressive Sensing using FEKO
2012 Marianne Bingle, Danie Ludick, Ulrich Jakobus, and Marlize Schoeman Enhanced Electromagnetic Modeling Features available in FEKO Suite 6.1
2011 Sandeep Palreddy (1,2), Amir I. Zaghloul (1,3), and Rudolf Cheung (2) Performance Comparison of Uniform EBG and Broadband Progressive EBG Inside a Back Cavity of a Spiral Antenna
2011 C. W. Hearn CADFEKO Curve Primitive Geometry Functions to Create a Reduced-Drag, Low-Profile Wideband Antenna
2011 W. Lippincott Development of a Deployable UHF Crossed Dipole Antenna Suitable for Nano Satellites
2011 D. H. Trout (1,2), J. E. Stanley (3), and P. F. Wahid (1) Electromagnetic Launch Vehicle Fairing and Acoustic Blanket Model of Received Power using FEKO
2011 L. J. Smith (1), K. L. Dudley (2), and G. N. Szatkowski (2) Computational Electromagnetic Modeling of SansEC™ Sensors
2011 Jeffrey Chalas, Kubilay Sertel, and John L. Volakis Q Limits for Arbitrary-Shaped Multi-Mode Antennas Using Characteristic Modes
2011 Nguyen Quoc Dinh (1), Takashi Teranishi (1), Naobumi Michishita (1), Yoshihide Yamada (1) and Koji Nakatani (2) FEKO-Based Method for Electromagnetic Simulation of Carcass Wires Embedded in Vehicle Tires
2011 M. Ansarizadeh, A. Ozturk, and R. Paknys Using FEKO for Electromagnetic Analysis of Carbon-Fiber Composite Structures
2011 Y. K. Negi, V. P. Padhy, and N. Balakrishnan RCS Enhancement of Concealed/Hidden Objects at Terahertz (THz)
2011 E. L. Kashiwada and E. P. Lam The Use of FEKO in Providing High Fidelity Radar Simulation
2011 T. Yang and W. A. Davis VHF Antennas on Unmanned Air Vehicles (UAV) for a Simplified Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR)
2011 W. O. Coburn (1) and A. I. Zaghloul (1,2) Wire Realization of a Tapered Slot Antenna with Reconfigurable Elements
2011 M. Tecpoyotl-Torres, J. G. Vera-Dimas, J. A. Damián-Morales and J. J. Escobedo-Alatorre Simulation of a GPS Antenna Located at the Roof of an Automobile
2011 M. A. Elmansouri and D. S. Filipovic On the Dispersive Properties of Planar Spiral Antennas
2011 S. A. Rogers and J. R. Bray The Computational Electromagnetic Modelling of the CH-146 Griffon Helicopter Using FEKO
2011 S. Koziel Adaptive Design Specifications and Coarsely-Discretized EM Models for Rapid Optimization of Microwave Structures with FEKO
2011 D. H. Trout (1,2), J. E. Stanley (3), and P. F. Wahid (1) Evaluation of Lightning Induced Effects in a Graphite Composite Fairing Structure (Part 1)
2011 Slawomir Koziel Response Correction Techniques for Microwave Design Optimization
2010 F. Deek, and M. El-Shenawee Microwave Detection of Cracks in Buried Pipes using the Complex Frequency Technique
2010 Y. Tajima, S. Kamada, N. Michishita, Y. Yamada Electrical Performance Estimations for Shaped Dielectic Lens Antenna with Array Feed
2010 Nassissie Fekadu (1,2), Amir I. Zaghloul (1,3) FEKO Simulation of Candidate Antennas for the Long Wavelength Array (LWA)
2010 Nahid Rahman (1), Anjali Sharma (1), Mohammed Afsar (1), Sandeep Palreddy (2), Rudolf Cheung (2) Dielectric Characterization and Optimization of Wide-band, Cavity-Backed Spiral Antennas
2010 Slawomir Koziel (1), John W. Bandler (2) Co-Simulation Based Tuning Space Mapping with FEKO for Computationally Efficient Optimization of Microwave Structures
2010 Slawomir Koziel Rapid Optimization of Microwave Structures with FEKO Using Shape-Preserving Response Prediction
2010 U. Jakobus, M. Bingle, J. van Tonder, M. Schoeman, F. Illenseer Extended Solution Methods in FEKO Suite 5.5: Ray-Launching GO, FEM Modal Ports, Periodic Boundary Conditions, and Windscreen Antenna Modeling
2010 J. van Tonder, U. Jakobus Modeling of Geometrically Thin Layers and Coatings in FEKO
2010 G.-Y. Lee, D. Psychoudakis, C.-C. Chen, J.L. Volakis Body-Worn Antenna Diversity Design using FEKO
2010 M. Nagatoshi (1), S. Tanaka (2), S. Horiuchi (2), H. Morishita (1) A Study on Miniaturization and Wider Bandwidth of Bow-tie Antenna with Folded Elements
2010 Nguyen Quoc Dinh*, Takashi Teranishi*, Naobumi Michishita*, Yoshihide Yamada* and Koji Nakatani** Electromagnetic Simulation Method of a Vehicle Tire Equipped with Carcass
2010 Sung Hyuck Ye, Chung Ho Ryu Analysis of multiple antenna radiation patterns on rocket body
2010 Nathan A. Sutton and Dejan S. Filipovic Modeling and Design of Frequency Independent Antennas for Millimeter Wave Electronic Warfare and UHF Platform Integration
2010 W. Hong, N. Michishita, Y. Yamada Low-profile Normal-Mode Helical Antenna for Use in Proximity to Metal
2010 D. D. Arumugam, D. W. Engels, M. H. Mickle The Effect of Curvature on the Performance and Readability of Passive UHF RFID Tags
2009 Johann van Tonder and Ulrich Jakobus Infinite Periodic Boundary Conditions in FEKO
2009 Steven Weiss, Keefe Coburn, and Ozlem Kilic FEKO Simulation of a Wedge Mounted Four Element Array Antenna
2009 Junwei Dong, Amir I. Zaghloul, Rensheng Sun, C. J. Reddy, Steven J. Weiss Rotman Lens Amplitude, Phase, and Pattern Evaluations by Measurements and Full Wave Simulations
2009 S. D. Walker and D. Chatterjee Study of Exact and High-Frequency Code Solvers for Applications to a Conformal Dipole Array
2009 R.L. Haupt, S.E. Haupt, and D. Aten Evaluating the Radar Cross Section of Maritime Radar Reflectors Using Computational Electromagnetics
2009 Y. Tajima and Y. Yamada Simulations of a Shaped Dielectric Lens Antenna by FEKO
2009 R.C. Solomon, H. Leong, C.W. Trueman, and Y.M.M Antar The Impact of Vertical Structures on Ship Radar Cross Section in the High Frequency Range
2009 James E. Stanley (1), Dawn H. Trout (2), Susan K. Earles (1), Ivica N. Kostanic (1), and Parveen F. Wahid (2) Analysis of Multi-Layer Composite Cavity Using FEKO
2009 Ulrich Jakobus, Marianne Bingle, Johan Marais, and Frank Illenseer Overview of the Latest Additions to FEKO Suite 5.4 Enabling Faster Solutions to a Larger Variety of Electromagnetic Problems
2009 Steven D. Keller, William O. Coburn Efficient Simulation of Wideband VHF/UHF Candidate Antennas for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Platform Using FEKO
2009 Jason P. Dauby, William S. Lang, and Jeremy W. Barber Predicting Site Installation Impacts on System Performance
2009 Stephan Werker, Markus Birk, Rainer Kronberger Modified Corner Reflector Antenna for Shortwave under Consideration of Building Properties
2009 S. Henault and Y.M.M. Antar Mutual Coupling Estimation in Relatively Complex Receiving Antenna Arrays
2009 Slawomir Koziel Multi-Fidelity Optimization of Microwave Structures with FEKO Using Response Surface Approximation and Space Mapping
2009 Junwei Dong (1, 2), Amir I. Zaghloul (1, 3), Rensheng Sun (2), C. J. Reddy (2) and Steven Weiss (3) Accurate Simulation of Rotman Lens Using FEKO
2009 Steven Weiss Modeling and Validation of a Low-Profile Circularly Polarized Antenna Developed Using FEKO
2009 Lars E Grimsrud, Farzin Lalezari, and Dejan S. Filipovic Modeling and Design of Dual- and Wide-band Multi-port Circularly Polarized Patch Antennas
2009 Carsten H. Schmidt, Wolfgang K.J. Mahler, and Marcel D. Blech Antenna Array for Data Communication in High Speed Machine Tools
2009 Yosuke Tajima, Naobumi Michishita, and Yoshihide Yamada FEKO Simulation of Shaped Dielectric Lens Antenna Capable of Wide Angle Beam Scanning
2009 Arian Lalezari, Farzin Lalezari and Dejan S. Filipovic Calibration and Evaluation of Body Interaction Effects for the Enhancement of a Body-Borne Radio Direction Finding System
2009 Christian Fazi, William Coburn, Theodore Anthony and Amid Bamba Model Validation for a Waveguide Septum Polarizer
2009 Johann van Tonder and Ulrich Jakobus Infinite Periodic Boundaries in FEKO
2009 L. Gregory Hiltz and Bruce Archambeault Comparison of the Modelled and Measured Antenna Radiation Pattern of a Parabolic Reflector Using FSV
2009 Terry R. Vogler Modeling of Audible Noise with DSB-AM due to Helicopter Rotor Modulation
2009 Amir I. Zaghloul, Theodore Anthony, Steven Weiss In-Situ Simulation of Collision Avoidance Antenna in Vehicle-Mounted Environment
2009 Randy L. Haupt, Daniel Aten, Sue Ellen Haupt Modeling Maritime Radar Reflectors Using FEKO
2009 William Coburn A Numerical Study of Coaxial Helical Antennas
2009 S. Henault and Y.M.M. Antar Calculation of the Coupling Matrix for Receiving Antenna Arrays Using FEKO
2009 Changyi Su, Haixin Ke and Todd Hubing A Simplified Model for Normal-Mode Helical Antennas
2009 Jason P. Dauby and Justin C. DeWell The Role of High Fidelity Geometry Import in RF Modeling
2009 Sandeep Palreddy, Rudolf Cheung Two Arm Archimedean Spiral Helical Antenna with Wrap Around Absorber
2009 Yijun Zhou, Chi-Chih Chen, and John L. Volakis A Miniature Dual-band GPS Antenna with Slot Loading
2009 Shaun D. Walker, Deb Chatterjee Study of Exact and High-Frequency Code Solvers for Applications to a Conformal Cylindrical Dipole Array
2009 Jason R. Miller, Terry R. Vogler An Analysis of Large Vehicular Modeling on ARINC’s Linux Cluster
2009 Jing Zhao, Chi-Chih Chen, and John L. Volakis Ultra-wideband Triple-Ellipse Inverted-Hat Antenna for Aircraft Communications
2008 Faruk Erkmen, Chi-Chih Chen and John L. Volakis Low Profile Magneto-Dielectric Ground Plane for Ultra-Wideband Antennas
2008 Mohammed A. Quddus Improving Return Loss of Bi-Conical Antennas
2008 Y. Yamada (1), N. Michishita (1), T. Sato (1) and K. Ogino (2) FEKO Simulations of an Antenna mounted on a Rear Window of a Car
2008 Julie A. Huffman Analysis of Patch Antennas Using FEKO
2008 P Anumolu, R Christ and R Pirich Geometry Capture and Scattering Calculations of the VFY218
2008 Dejan S. Filipovic (1) and Tom Cencich (2) Modeling of Dual-Polarized Frequency Independent Antennas
2008 Anthony Bellion (1,2,3), Cyrille Le Meins (1), Anne Julien-Vergonjanne (2) and Thierry Monédière (3) Generation of Calibration Tables for Direction Finding Antennas using FEKO
2008 Shirook M. Ali, Simon Qu, and Farzaneh Kohandani Capacity of an Antenna System in the Transmission Mode with Near-field Effects
2008 Anya Traille (1,2), Li Yang (2), and Manos M. Tentzeris (2) Modeling and Design of Novel Structures for Multiband RFID Readers and Automotive RFID Tags
2008 Ryan C. Solomon (1), Hank Leong (2) and Yahia M.M Antar (1) Numerical Radar Cross Section Simulation and Analysis of Complex Targets in FEKO
2008 Yosuke Tajima and Yoshihide Yamada Simulations of a Shaped Dielectric Lens Antenna by FEKO
2008 César De La Jara and Ronald Woodman VHF Antenna Modeling for Rocket Application
2008 James D. Krieger and Alan J. Fenn A Study of Large Cylindrical Arrays of UHF Patch Dipole Antenna Elements
2008 William O. Coburn, Steven Weiss, and Canh Ly Patch Antenna Modeling Issues Using Commercial Software
2008 Craig Birtcher and Constantine A. Balanis Uniform Circular Array Active Element Radiation Patterns, FEKO Predictions Vs. Measurements
2008 David W. Estlick Aircraft Antenna Modeling, Analysis and Testing Ground Plane Effects and Considerations
2008 Daniel W. Aten and Randy L. Haupt Low Sidelobe Polarization Tapers for Planar Arrays
2008 Keith A. Lysiak Comparison of Three Major MOM Codes for a Large Wire-Grid Ship Model
2008 Ulrich Jakobus, Marianne Bingle, Marlize Schoeman, Johann J. van Tonder, and Frank Illenseer New FEKO Modeling Capabilities: Waveguide Ports with Dielectrics, Fast MLFMM based Near-Field Calculations, Integrated Network Modeling, and Dielectric GO
2008 Wolfgang K.J. Mahler and Thomas F. Eibert Design and Analysis of a Waveguide Modal-Spectrometer
2008 Jason P. Dauby The Application of FEKO Software to Ground Electronic Warfare Scenarios
2008 Slawomir Koziel (1) and John W. Bandler (2) Space Mapping Optimization of Microwave Structures with FEKO
2008 Shirook Ali, Houssam Kanj, Dong Wang, and Wen Geyi Design and Analysis of a Novel Pent-band Antenna for Handheld Applications
2007 Ernst H. Burger, Valpré Kellerman, Marnus J. van Wyk and Frans J. C. Meyer ICNIRP Compliance Investigation for TETRA Radio System
2007 B. David Moore Art as Antenna: A Characterization of the Miami Hyatt-Regency Lobby Sculpture Using EMSS-FEKO
2007 Yoshihide Yamada (1), Kouichi Tanoshita (1), Kouji Nakatani (2) and Satoru Horiuchi (3) FEKO Simulations and Measurements of Electrical Field Distributions around a Car
2007 Johannes J. van Tonder Improving the parallel efficiency of the SPAI preconditioner in FEKO
2007 Masahiro TANABE and Yasuharu MASUDA Estimation of Radiated Power Density from a Large-scale Phased Array Antenna using FEKO
2007 Randy L. Haupt Interfacing FEKO and MATLAB for Microstrip Antenna Design
2007 Steven Weiss (1), Ozlem Kilic (2), Robert Dahlstrom (1) and Chad Patterson (1) FEKO Simulation of a Wedge Mounted Four Element Array Antenna
2007 David W. Estlick and Christopher Beaupre Aircraft Antenna Modeling and Analysis
2007 Ulrich Jakobus, Marianne Bingle, Johann J. van Tonder, and Frank Illenseer Recent Extensions in FEKO: FEM Excitations, Cable Coupling, and Ideal Receiving Antennas
2007 Keith Snyder A Holographic Dipole from a Monopole Mounted in a Dual Parabolic Reflector
2007 R. Eliassi (1), Y. Rahmat-Samii (1), P. Hui (2) and A. Toropainen (3) SAR and Diversity Performance of Wireless Handheld Devices with Dual Antennas
2007 Flavia Grassi (1), Giordano Spadacini (1), Filippo Marliani (2), and Sergio A. Pignari (1) The Use of FEKO for the Modeling of Test Set-ups for Radiated Susceptibility
2007 F. Chauvet, R. Guincarc'h, M. Hélier Approximated Method Neglecting Coupling for Conformal Array
2006 Keith Snyder Meshing Silicon Valley - An HF Antenna over Finite Curved Earth
2006 François Chauvet 1, Régis Guinvarc’h 1 and Marc Hélier2 Coupling between spiral antenna elements of a conformal wideband array
2006 Michael C. Buck and Dejan S. Filipović Analysis and Design of a Multiband, Multipolarized Two Arm Sinuous Antenna
2006 Randy L. Haupt Optimizing Salisbury Screens Using FEKO
2006 J. Zhu, N.K. Nikolova, J.W. Bandler Self-Adjoint Sensitivity Analysis of High-Frequency Structures with FEKO
2006 Steven J. Franson and Richard W. Ziolkowski Method of Simulation of Closely Spaced, Finite, Periodic, Radiating or Reflecting Structures, Including Metamaterials
2006 Amir I. Zaghloul (1), C. Babu Ravipati (2), and M. T. Kawser (1) Modeling and Analysis of a Dual-Band Dual-Polarization Radiator Using FEKO
2006 Andreas Paech and Thomas Weiland Numerical Simulation of the Generation of Synchrotron Radiation in a Vacuum Chamber with FEKO
2006 Ulrich Jakobus, Marianne Bingle, and Johann J. van Tonder Recent extensions in FEKO: Parallel MLFMM and waveguide excitations
2006 Y Rousset (1), V Arnautovski-Toseva (2), C Pasquier (1), K El Khamlichi Drissi (1) and L Grcev (2) Using FEKO Software for Analysis of Radiated Electric Field by Power Converters
2006 Praveen Anumolu, Ronald Pirich, and Danielle Schefer Simulations of Wing Mockup Sizes for EMI Measurements using FEKO
2005 R.L. Haupt A Horn-Fed Reflector Optimized with a Genetic Algorithm
2005 S.J. Franson Hybrid Simulation of Electrically Large Millimeter-Wave Antennas
2005 Keith Anthony Snyder A Computer Simulation of 400 MHz and 1000 MHz Antennas Located on a High Mobility Multi-Wheeled Vehicle (HMMWV)
2005 Nathan P. Cummings Design and Analysis of a Pattern Selectable Airborne HF Antenna
2005 Wendy L. Lippincott*, Thomas Pickard, Randy Nichols Loop-Dipole Antenna Modeling using the FEKO code
2005 Christopher A. Penwell Prediction of VHF Radiation Patterns on Gulfstream Aircraft
2005 Amit Kumar Mishra, Bernard Mulgrew Database Generation of Bistatic Ground Target Signatures
2005 J.J. van Tonder, U. Jakobus Fast Multipole Solution of Metallic and Dielectric Scattering Problems in FEKO
2004 James S. Turner and James K. Breakall Modeling the New Arecibo Dual Band High Frequency (HF) Facility
2004 Frans JC Meyer, Marianne Bingle Introducing the Finite Element Method into the Commercially Available Method of Moments Code FEKO
2004 Mazen K. Alsliety and Daniel N. Aloi A Comparative Study of Different Methods for Computing Circular Polarization Gain
2004 Nickolai Zhelev Kolev Design of a Microstrip Conform GPS Patch Antenna
2004 C.B.Ravipati and C.J.Reddy Analysis and Design of Broad-band and Multi-frequency Antennas using FEKO
2004 Ulrich Jakobus Overview of Recent Extensions in the Electromagnetics Computer Code FEKO and their Application
2004 Masanobu Hirose, Koji Komiyama and Takauki Ishizone* Antenna Pattern Comparison of a Microstrip Antenna on a Finite Substrate Using Near-Field Measurement and FEKO
2004 Averty Florent, Louzir Ali, Pintos Jean-François, Chambelin Philippe Jehamy Eddy*, Landrac Gabrielle*, Coupez Jean-Philippe*, Person Christian* Characterization of focusing properties of a homogeneous lens and design of its primary source with FEKO software
2003 M. Schick, F.M. Landstorfer Accelerating Computations with a MoM-Based Computer Program using a Model-Based Parameter Estimation Algorithm
2001 F.J.C. Meyer, K.D. Palmer, and U. Jakobus Investigation into the Accuracy, Efficiency and Applicability of the Method of Moments as Numerical Dosimetry Tool for the Head and Hand of a Mobile Phone User