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Multiple Solution Configurations

Azimuth and elevation RCS scans
in single simulation setup



Multiple solution configurations allow the user to specify various different analysis requirements for the same model.  A user's productivity is enhanced by making it simple to modify a single CAD model while investigating multiple properties of the model.

Examples of how this technology may be used include:

  • Requesting impedance bandwidth sweeps with adaptive frequency sampling, far-fields at a list of specified frequencies and a characteristic mode analysis for antenna development models.
  • Requesting multiple frequency setups for the same analysis, e.g. coarse linearly spaced samples over the entire band of interest, with smaller regions of adaptive frequency sampling.
  • Exciting multiple ports in a model, each in turn, while investigating radiation hazards around a platform.
  • Specifying multiple angle sweeps for plane wave direction of incidence in RCS investigation.
Impedance bandwidth AFS frequency sweep +
far-field gain at specific frequencies
Exciting multiple ports while investigating radiation hazards around a platform (ICNIRP standard)
POSTFEKO_ICNIRP_analysis_frequency1.png POSTFEKO_ICNIRP_analysis_frequency2.png
Port 1, 300 MHz
Port 2, 150 MHz
POSTFEKO_ICNIRP_analysis_frequency3.png POSTFEKO_ICNIRP_analysis_combined.png
Port 3, 100 MHz Combined result