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White Papers

Comprehensive collection of FEKO application notes, listed alphabetically.

The following list is a comprehensive collection of white papers that are available on the FEKO website.  They typically describe a real-world problem and how this problem was solved with FEKO.

Refer to the Applications and Solution Method Selection Table on the Numerical Methods page for guidance on selection of appropriate solver methods for different problem types.  Productivity Features enhance FEKO's tool chain in various ways.

16 Wire Conical Feed Monopole Antenna
A Thin, Low-Profile Antenna Using a Novel High Impedance Ground Plane
Advanced RCS Visualisation with POSTFEKO and Lua Scripting
Analysing a Pyramidal Horn Antenna with the MLFMM
Analysis of the Shielding Effectiveness of a Metallic Enclosure (October 2013)
Annular Ring Microstrip Antenna Characterisation
Antenna Placement on Aircraft Platforms with FEKO and Antenna Magus
Antenna Radiation Safety Zones Using Scripting in POSTFEKO
Aperture Coupled Microstrip Slot Antenna
Automotive Windscreen Antenna Analysis
Bluetooth Integration in a Vehicle
Bowtie Antenna
Cable Modelling Tools (October 2013)
CAD Fixing Tools (October 2013)
Cassegrain and Gregorian Reflector Antenna Modelling with MLFMM LE-PO Hybrid Solvers
Characteristic Mode Analysis of a Metallic Ring Antenna
Coaxial Cable Analysis
Compact Triple-Band Filter Using Multiple Split-Ring Resonators
Conformal Antenna Design and Placement (December 2010)
Conformal Multi-Band Patch Antenna
Cross-Coupling Between a Vehicular 3G Transmitter and a Cable Bundle
Crossed Dipole Array in Front of Reflector
Current Distribution Over Printed Rotman Lens (November 2012)
Design and Analysis of a Proximity Fuse Antenna for an Air Defence Missile
Design and Optimisation of an LTE Mobile Phone Antenna
Designing an LTE Base Station Antenna with the Finite Arrays Method
Dielectric Resonator Waveguide Filter
Dual-Mode Circular Horn Simulation with the MLFMM
DVB Antenna Design and Matching with Antenna Magus, Optenni Lab and FEKO
Edge-Fed Rectangular Microstrip Patch Antenna
Electromagnetic Modelling of UHF RFID Systems
EMP Analysis of a Building
FEKO Suite 6.1 Release Highlights (July 2011)
Four-Port Microstrip Coupler
Helix Antenna Design with Antenna Magus and FEKO
Horn-Fed Reflector Antenna
Impedance Loaded Omni-Directional Left-Handed Loop Antenna
Intelligent Design with Characteristic Mode Analysis
Introduction to CADFEKO (May 2014)
Introduction to FEKO - Altair's Comprehensive EM Analysis Software Suite
Introduction to POSTFEKO (May 2014)
Inverted F Antenna
Isosurfaces for Near-Field Characterisation of Transmitter ICNIRP Boundaries
Ku-Band Waveguide Filter
L-Probe Fed Conformal Patch
Large Finite Array Solver (September 2012)
Lightning Strike Analysis
Log Periodic Dipole Array
Low-Pass Microstrip Filter
Metamaterials in FEKO
Microstrip Bandpass Filter
Microstrip Filter Optimisation Using Masks
Microstrip-Fed Slot Antenna
mmWave Axial Choke Horn Antenna with Lens
mmWave Substrate Lens Antenna for Wireless Communications
Modeling an L-band Horn Antenna in CADFEKO (October 2013)
Modelling & Analysis of Anechoic Chambers
Modelling a microstrip coupler using the FDTD solver (May 2014)
Modelling Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)
Modelling of a Magic Tee Waveguide Coupler
MRI Birdcage Coil Design
Multiple Solution Configurations (September 2012)
Mutual Impedance Between Elements in Dipole Array
Naval Antenna Placement Case Study: FEKO and Antenna Magus
Naval Radar Analysis with UTD
Optimisation Tools in FEKO (September 2012)
Patch Antenna with Capacitive Feed Probe
POSTFEKO Pulse Propagation and Reflection Video Clip
Printed Ka-band Reflectarray with Offset Feed
Probe-Fed Stacked Annular Ring Antenna
Proximity Coupled Circular Patch Antenna
Radiation Hazard Analysis with FEKO
Radiation Hazard Investigation for Multiple Simultaneous Transmitters
Ray Launching Geometrical Optics for Scattering Analysis
RCS Measurement and Simulation of Generic Simple Shapes
Rectangular Patch Antenna Residing in a Cavity
Reflector Antenna with Circular Horn Feed, Analysed with GO (Ray Launching)
Resource Scaling for Antenna Placement Modeling on a SAAB JAS-39 Gripen Aircraft
Salisbury Screen
Shunt Coupled Spiral Inductor
Singly-Fed Circularly Polarized Electromagnetically Coupled Patch Antenna
Slot Loaded Circular Patch Antenna
Slotted Waveguide Array
Small Printed Ultrawideband Antenna with Reduced Ground Plane Effect
Spheroid RCS Computations
The Effect of Carbon Fibre Body Panels on Aircraft RCS
The FEKO Product Focus (2014)
The FEKO Tour (May 2014)
Thermal Analysis for Implant Safety
Time Analysis of UWB Antennas
Time Domain Analysis in POSTFEKO (September 2012)
Two Arm Spiral Antenna
Two-Port Probe-Fed Circular Antenna
Ultra-Wideband Bandpass Filters with Hybrid Microstrip Slotline Structures
Understanding Grating Lobes in the Context of Periodic Boundary Conditions
Waveguide Applications of FEKO
Waveguide Diplexer Design with FEKO, FEST3D and SPARK3D
Waveguide Transition Modelled in FEKO and FEST3D
White Paper Introduction
Wide-Band Stacked Annular-Ring Dielectric Resonator Antenna
Y-Patch Antenna