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Interfaces, Cooperation

FEKO interfaces and cooperates with many other solutions to best serve the needs of our customers. Listed here are companies, their relevant products and the relationship to FEKO.


Magus (Pty) Ltd
Antenna Magus

Antenna Magus exports antenna models to FEKO.


FEKO can export far-field data in a GRASP compatible format.  This allows feeds, analysed by FEKO, to be easily used as feeds for the reflector antenna analysis code GRASP.

Schmid & Partner Engineering AG

SEMCAD 3D near-field data format can be exported by FEKO, allowing users to model large, complex environments with FEKO and then to use local fields as excitation in SEMCAD.


FEST3D is an efficient software tool for the accurate analysis of passive components based on waveguide technology. A two way interface between FEKO and FEST3D has been developed. FEKO can import waveguide modes from FEST3D for use in further analysis (e.g. radiation from horn antenna). FEKO can compute the GSM (generalised scattering matrix) for waveguide structures and export for FEST3D.

An interface also exists to the SPARK3D module. SPARK3D calculates the vacuum breakdown for passive devices using the electromagnetic fields calculated with FEKO.

Optenni Ltd Optenni Lab

Optenni Lab is a novel easy-to-use matching circuit generation and antenna analysis software. Optenni Lab includes automatic impedance matching tools and antenna bandwidth estimation. With Optenni Lab, you can speed up your antenna design process and obtain antennas with optimal total performance. A bi-directional interface between FEKO and Optenni Lab automates sharing of information, further simplifying the process of generating matching circuits.

Cadence Sigrity PowerSI, Sigrity SPEED2000

FEKO can import near field data in Sigrity (*.nfd) format.

Computer Simulation Technology CST Microwave Studio

FEKO can import CST near field and far field scans. These files can be used as excitations in FEKO simulations.

Microwave Vision Group SATIMO, ORBIT/FR

Measured sources can be imported in FEKO from SATIMO and ORBIT/FR measurement files. This functionality allows the interfacing of FEKO with equipment such as the StarLab antenna measurement system.



NICE s.r.l. NICE Remote Visualization NICE DCV platforms provide methods for running FEKO remotely "in the cloud" utilizing high end computer hardware in a data centre with limited local hardware requirements.  (News Announcement...)
CrunchSpace S.A.

CrunchYard offers FEKO customers the ability to run their simulations remotely on a large parallel simulation platform.  (News Announcement...)