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Domain Decomposition Related Content

A Thin, Low-Profile Antenna Using a Novel High Impedance Ground Plane
Designing an LTE Base Station Antenna with the Finite Arrays Method
This white paper demonstrates how an LTE base station antenna may be modeled with the finite arrays (DGFM) method in FEKO.
Horn-Fed Reflector Antenna
A horn-fed parabolic reflector is modeled in FEKO to determine its radiation pattern
Mutual Impedance Between Elements in Dipole Array
The input impedance of dipole elements in a uniform and fractal array is investigated using FEKO.
Naval Radar Analysis with UTD
Read about how the UTD is used to analyse radar antenna placement on a frigate.
Printed Ka-band Reflectarray with Offset Feed
A white paper demonstrating how FEKO can be used to model a printed reflectarray and its feed.
Understanding Grating Lobes in the Context of Periodic Boundary Conditions
Simple equations are presented to help understand the appearance of grating lobes in connection with PBC simulations in FEKO.