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Additional Information on Antenna Magus

Antenna Placement on Aircraft Platforms with FEKO and Antenna Magus
A dielectric patch antenna is designed to user specification with Antenna Magus and placed on an aircraft for simulation of various performance parameters with FEKO.
Bluetooth Integration in a Vehicle
This white paper uses Antenna Magus to design a suitable antenna for a bluetooth tranceiver in an automotive application and investigates whether the antenna will function properly in the vehicle environment.
Cassegrain and Gregorian Reflector Antenna Modelling with MLFMM LE-PO Hybrid Solvers
This white paper demonstrates that the MLFMM-LE-PO hybrid formulation is a very efficient and accurate method for analysis of large reflector antennas.
Conformal Antenna Design and Placement (December 2010)
Design and Analysis of a Proximity Fuse Antenna for an Air Defence Missile
This white paper describes the synthesis of a linear microstrip antenna array, simulation of planar and conformal versions of it in FEKO and placement of the antenna on a missile airframe.
Designing an LTE Base Station Antenna with the Finite Arrays Method
This white paper demonstrates how an LTE base station antenna may be modeled with the finite arrays (DGFM) method in FEKO.
DVB Antenna Design and Matching with Antenna Magus, Optenni Lab and FEKO
An antenna is designed for VHF and UHF DVB operation using Antenna Magus, a matching network is designed in Optenni Lab and the full combination simulated in FEKO.
FileFEKO Quarterly - December 2009
Review of the results of the FEKO Student Competition 2009, analysis of Split Ring Resonators (SRR) with planar Green's functions, Antenna Magus release 1.4.0 and much more.
FileFEKO Quarterly - June 2009
Release of Antenna Magus for antenna design, review of the papers presented at the FEKO Session at ACES'09, appointment of Japanese support engineer, forthcoming feature in FEKO Suite 5.5.
FileFEKO Quarterly - June 2010
This edition focuses on the FEKO session at the ACES 2010 conference. Other news items include the release of Antenna Magus version 2.0 and the availability of GPU acceleration in the upcoming release of FEKO.
FileFEKO Quarterly - September 2009
Review of the release of FEKO 5.5 and the most prominent new features in this release. These features include the new Windscreen antenna modelling method, FEM modal ports, automatic update mechanisms, etc. The release of Antenna Magus for antenna design is also highlighted.
Helix Antenna Design with Antenna Magus and FEKO
An example of how Antenna Magus can be used as a basis for customized antenna design problems in FEKO. Step-by-step helix antenna design.
Microstrip-Fed Slot Antenna
Naval Antenna Placement Case Study: FEKO and Antenna Magus
An example of how Antenna Magus can be used to generate antennas for antenna placement studies in FEKO.
Release of Antenna Magus 2.0
MAGUS (PTY), CST and EMSS announce the next major release of Antenna Magus, version 2.0 – the first antenna design software of its kind. (April 2010)
Release of Antenna Magus 5.0
Version 5.0 incorporates a large number of improvements and new features, as well as extensions and updates to the antenna database. The addition of 25 new antennas takes the total number to 250 (July 2014)
Release of Antenna Magus 5.4
Version 5.4 sees the release of eleven new antennas which takes the total number of antennas to 277. More detailed information on these antennas as well as feature extensions can be found on the Antenna Magus website and in the full release notes.
Time Analysis of UWB Antennas
An elliptical patch antenna is simulated to illustrate how FEKO can be applied to investigate time domain characteristics of UWB antennas including the fidelity, a measure of how similar the radiated waveform is to the excitation signal.