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Additional Information on Optenni Lab

Characteristic Modes and Antenna Bandwidth
FileDesigning an Impedance Matched Antenna: FEKO and Optenni Lab
DVB Antenna Design and Matching with Antenna Magus, Optenni Lab and FEKO
An antenna is designed for VHF and UHF DVB operation using Antenna Magus, a matching network is designed in Optenni Lab and the full combination simulated in FEKO.
Easy-to-use Simultaneous Multiport Matching in Optenni Lab 2.0
Optenni Ltd announces a new version of the Optenni Lab matching circuit optimization and antenna analysis software featuring a unique easy-to-use simultaneous multiport matching capability for antennas and other RF applications.(April 2013)
Improved Workflow Automation Between FEKO and Optenni Lab
Matching circuit design with FEKO and Optenni Lab
Stellenbosch, South Africa & Espoo, Finland, April 20th, 2012. EM Software & Systems-S.A. (Pty) Ltd. and Optenni Ltd announce an integrated workflow between their industry leading software suites.
FileOptenni Lab Brochure
Optenni Lab Product Overview Brochure
Optenni Lab now available through FEKO distribution and support network
Optenni Lab is now available through the global FEKO distribution network. This closer cooperation between Optenni and FEKO will not only ensure better global technical support but will assist in improving the interaction between the two products to meet our customers needs. (23 January 2013)
Release of Optenni Lab 3.0
We are pleased to announce the release of Optenni Lab 3.0 which boasts a number of new features for users. (July 2014)
Release of Optenni Lab 3.1
We are pleased to announce the launch of Optenni Lab version 3.1. The new version contains a number of major features and improvements.
FileWireless Antenna Design and Compliance