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Antenna Magus Evaluation Version

Limitations of the evaluation version of Antenna Magus
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The limitations of the evaluation version are listed below. It is also possible to request a time limited, full version of Antenna Magus for evaluation purposes.


  • 6 antennas are available in the evaluation, including: 

    discone antenna, open-ended wire quadrifilar helix antenna, circular pin-fed patch antenna, dipole-fed corner reflector antenna, pyramidal waveguide-fed horn antenna, wire inverted-F antenna

    Other Antennas are shown but the functionality is disabled

  • No Custom Templates may be created, opened or edited
  • The Chart tracer tool is the only Toolbox tool that is included in the Evaluation version
  • No specialist articles (e.g. antenna baluns, RF connectors, etc.) are included in the Information Browser, only the Help and Getting Started articles
  • The array layout types that are supported are:

    linear array designed for broadside directivity, 
    linear array designed to achieve a broadside null, array layout from imported file (only the first 10 elements of the layout are imported).

  • The Element Pattern types that are supported are:

    half-wave dipole element, rectangular patch element, user imported patterns



  • The evaluation version expires every 6 months at which point a new evaluation version can be downloaded and installed. Old versions cannot be run
  • The evaluation version cannot be upgraded to Pro or Classroom simply by entering a key. A new version needs to be downloaded and installed