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Printed Ka-band Reflectarray with Offset Feed

A white paper demonstrating how FEKO can be used to model a printed reflectarray and its feed.

Printed reflectarrays combine the advantages of reflector antennas with microstrip arrays, yielding low-profile, low-cost antennas with simpler feeds that are easy to fabricate.

The electrically large structure of the reflectarray antenna makes a full-wave analysis very challenging.  Alternative analysis techniques can be verified through comparison with accurate full-wave simulation results.  The multilevel fast multipole method in FEKO is a suitable solver for this kind of problem with a large number of unknowns.

Drs Elsherbeni, Yang and Nayeri from the University of Mississippi have investigated various design approaches for reflectarrays [1-4].  They designed the Ka-band reflectarray antennas pictured below for an operating frequency of 32 GHz.



FEKO model of a 609 element reflectarray [1]

Prototype of an 848 element reflectarray [2]



Radiation pattern of a 437 element reflectarray

(a) modelled with Potter horn feed [3]

(b) modelled with radiation pattern point source [1]


(c) Comparison of the full system (including Potter horn feed) and model with equivalent impressed source [4].  The agreement in results indicates that coupling (blockage) for the offset system is quite low.


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