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Broadband Antennas

Broadband Antennas
Vivaldi antenna (large)
Vivaldi Antenna

The simulation of broadband antennas can be very challenging due to the complexity of antenna geometries and the time it takes to simulate a wideband response. FEKO offers many features that may be applied to such problems:

  • Method of Moments (MoM) based simulation engine suitable for multi-scale geometries
  • Optimisation capabilities which can combine multiple goals and optimise according to data masks
  • Adaptive Frequency Sampling (AFS) for the adaptive interpolation of results over wide frequency bands, thereby limiting the number of frequency points that have to be simulated to obtain a wideband response.


Bandwidth70pct.png CADFEKOmodel.png 
Model of printed LPDA
70% Impedance bandwidth of printed LPDA
LPDA resonant at 650 MHz
Additional Information

Additional Information