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FEKO Quarterly Archive

FileFEKO Quarterly - February 2015
In this issue our technical article focuses on automotive simulation during the vehicle development process. We have seen a significant increase in the number of electronic components and systems in the automotive industry during the last decade. Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) has become a key and sensitive topic for both automotive OEMs and their suppliers.
FileFEKO Quarterly - September 2014
In this edition we highlight the anechoic and reverberation chambers, discuss the future of healthcare in the modern world and discuss the launch of Altair in South Africa.
FileFEKO Quarterly - June 2014
This edition of the FEKO Quarterly brings news of the finalisation of the deal between EM Software & Systems-S.A. and Altair. The acquisition happened shortly after the celebration of the 20 year anniversary of EMSS! Meanwhile there has been some exciting developments in China, with the inauguration of the first official FEKO training centre and the appointment of Dr Yuan Liu, who has headed up EMSS China, as General Manager for Altair Greater China where EMSS China and Altair China will now create a combined team.
FileFEKO Quarterly - March 2014
This edition of the FEKO Quarterly brings news of FEKO Suite 7.0 scheduled to be released towards the end of this quarter. The technical focus falls on radome analysis, a topic that forms part of the 2014 FEKO Webinar Series. Announcements include the launch of the 2014 FEKO Student Competition and the acquisition by Altair which will lead to the addition of FEKO to the HyperWorks suite of engineering software.
FileFEKO Quarterly - December 2013
This edition of the FEKO Quarterly places the spotlight on the FEKO student competition outcome for 2013, includes technical tips on new features in FEKO Suite 6.3 and brings further news of FEKO related activities.
FileFEKO Quarterly - September 2013
In this edition of the FEKO Quarterly a brief preview of the forthcoming FEKO Suite 6.3 is presented, along with the usual technical tips and stories about the people behind FEKO development and support.
FileFEKO Quarterly - June 2013
In this edition of the newsletter, we highlight an application of the Time Analysis capabilities offered by POSTFEKO and give feedback on two conferences that were held in the United States earlier this year. At the ACES conference several interesting presentations were given by FEKO users on a variety of topics. At ISMRM 2013 the focus fell on the use of FEKO for MRI applications.
FileFEKO Quarterly - March 2013
In this edition of the newsletter we discuss antenna design for the Long Term Evolution (LTE) standard for wireless communication. We briefly review the new windscreen and cable features that are available with the latest FEKO updates, the relaxation of the FEKO Classroom licence memory restriction and the latest appointments made to the growing FEKO team.
FileFEKO Quarterly - December 2012
In this edition of the newsletter, we congratulate Ulrich Jakobus, FEKO Product Manager, for being named an IEEE Fellow! We also discuss the outcome of the annual FEKO Student Competition, introduce the latest developments in Antenna Magus, enclose information on FEKO consulting and training options and share some news from across the globe.
FileFEKO Quarterly - September 2012
This edition of the newsletter focuses on the features of FEKO Suite 6.2, to be released later this month. An overview is given of the new version’s capabilities, along with tips and tricks on using some of the handy new features. Other news include the relocation of EMSS USA and the ten year anniversary of EMSS GmbH.
FileFEKO Quarterly - June 2012
This edition of the newsletter tells the user more about what to expect in FEKO Suite 6.2, due to be released in September 2012. Characteristic mode analysis is a new feature that can help users to better understand and explain the physical behaviour of an antenna and equip them to improve its performance. The global FEKO network has also expanded further with the appointment of local resellers in the UK and Russia.
FileFEKO Quarterly - March 2012
In this edition users can learn how to easily switch between different graph types in POSTFEKO, catch up on the latest capabilities of the FEKO Suite and read about the latest release of Antenna Magus. Introductions are made to new members of the FEKO Team, feedback is given about past events and events still to come in 2012 are highlighted.
FileFEKO Quarterly - December 2011
This edition reports back on the results of the recently concluded FEKO student competition, sharing some of the interesting EM work that is being carried out at universities across the globe. Users are reminded of the useful Ctrl-Shift key combination and are invited to attend the international FEKO User’s Meeting which will be held to coincide with ACES 2012 in Columbus, Ohio, USA.
FileFEKO Quarterly - September 2011
FEKO Suite 6.1 was released on 18 July 2011. In this issue, we will take a look at some of the new features and introduce the new branch of EMSS that has been established in China.
FileFEKO Quarterly - June 2011
In this second edition of 2011, a review is given of the papers that were submitted to the FEKO session at the recently held ACES conference. We will take a look at some of the features to be released with FEKO Suite 6.1 and see what is new in Antenna Magus 3.0 (released on the 20th of April). A reminder of the FEKO student competition is included for all our academic users.
FileFEKO Quarterly - March 2011
In this first edition of 2011, the focus falls on antenna analysis using the Finite Element Method (FEM). The design of a conformal microstrip patch array with Antenna Magus and FEKO is showcased. Details on past and future events, such as the FEKO student competition, user meetings and exhibitions are included in this newsletter.
FileFEKO Quarterly - December 2010
This edition reports back on the results of the recently completed FEKO student competition and considers selected new features in FEKO Suite 6.0 in more detail. Details of the 2011 International FEKO User Meeting are also presented.
FileFEKO Quarterly - September 2010
This edition focuses on the release of FEKO Suite 6.0. This major release is packed with new features and comes with a completely revised version of POSTFEKO. Other news items include an exciting special offer as well as the appointment of a new FEKO and Antenna Magus reseller in South America.
FileFEKO Quarterly - June 2010
This edition focuses on the FEKO session at the ACES 2010 conference. Other news items include the release of Antenna Magus version 2.0 and the availability of GPU acceleration in the upcoming release of FEKO.
FileFEKO Quarterly - March 2010
Highlights include information on how to model composite materials (e.g. carbon fibre) with FEKO, the release of plane wave excitation for ray-launching GO for the analysis of scattering problems and a commercial initiative to provide FEKO customers with pay-per-use cluster computing facilities.
FileFEKO Quarterly - December 2009
Review of the results of the FEKO Student Competition 2009, analysis of Split Ring Resonators (SRR) with planar Green's functions, Antenna Magus release 1.4.0 and much more.
FileFEKO Quarterly - September 2009
Review of the release of FEKO 5.5 and the most prominent new features in this release. These features include the new Windscreen antenna modelling method, FEM modal ports, automatic update mechanisms, etc. The release of Antenna Magus for antenna design is also highlighted.
FileFEKO Quarterly - June 2009
Release of Antenna Magus for antenna design, review of the papers presented at the FEKO Session at ACES'09, appointment of Japanese support engineer, forthcoming feature in FEKO Suite 5.5.
FileFEKO Quarterly - March 2009
This issue features an article on the periodic boundary condition (PBC) feature in FEKO. Also featured is a list of tips to reduce the computational cost of simulations.
FileFEKO Quarterly - December 2008
Review of the winners' entries to the 2008 FEKO student competition. Tips and tricks for working with complex CAD models in CADFEKO.
FileFEKO Quarterly - September 2008
Review of the release of FEKO 5.4 and the most prominent new features in this release. New partnerships with Altair and ESI Group are announced and new FEKO application engineers are introduced.
FileFEKO Quarterly - June 2008
Review of the papers presented at the FEKO Session at ACES'08, forthcoming feature in FEKO Suite 5.4, new multi-core CPU licencing policy.
FileFEKO Quarterly - March 2008
A feature article on how to choose the appropriate simulation technique for any given problem, CADFEKO feature highlight (points import, batch meshing), Japanese FEKO user meeting, new distributor in India.
FileFEKO Quarterly - December 2007
A feature article on RFID, thumb rules for simulation resource estimation, German FEKO users meeting, winner FEKO student competition 2007.
FileFEKO Quarterly - September 2007
Review of the release of FEKO 5.3 and the most prominent new features in this release.
FileFEKO Quarterly - June 2007
Review of the papers presented at the FEKO Session at ACES'07.
FileFEKO Quarterly - March 2007
FEM-MoM case study, CADFEKO version control.
FileFEKO Quarterly - December 2006
Simple cable modelling in FEKO, the ideal receiving antenna, single precision storage, student competition winner 2006, German FEKO users meeting 2006.
FileFEKO Quarterly - September 2006
Solution control in CADFEKO for existing users, mesh refinement for more accurate results, excitation in the FEM region.
FileFEKO Quarterly - June 2006
Looking back at ACES '06 FEKO session and the papers that were presented there.
FileFEKO Quarterly - March 2006
S-parameter calculation in FEKO.
FileFEKO Quarterly - December 2005
The CADFEKO workplane.
FileFEKO Quarterly - September 2005
Hybridized MoM/FEM.
FileFEKO Quarterly - June 2005
Looking back at IEEE/ACES '05 FEKO session and the papers that were presented there.
FileFEKO Quarterly - March 2005
Modeling of dielectric materials in FEKO. SEP, VEP, special Green's functions, thin dielectric sheet approximation, dielectric coating, dielectric bodies with PO.
FileFEKO Quarterly - December 2004
SAR computation and extraction, mesh refinement, FEKO on EM64T.
FileFEKO Quarterly - September 2004
Optimisation features and guidelines, EMC application focus, tips and tricks.
FileFEKO Quarterly - June 2004
MLFMM for electrically large structures, geometric simplification, tips and tricks.