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Release of Antenna Magus 5.4

Version 5.4 sees the release of eleven new antennas which takes the total number of antennas to 277. More detailed information on these antennas as well as feature extensions can be found on the Antenna Magus website and in the full release notes.
Release of Antenna Magus 5.4

Gaussiant-profiled corrugated conical horn


The following new antennas have been added to this release:
  • Conical horn reflector (Cornucopia)
  • Circular polarised circular patch with trimming stubs
  • Axial-mode wire helix with linearly tapered ends
  • Axial-mode helix with tapered ends on a conical ground plane
  • Pin-fed 2-by-2 patch array with underside corporate feed Conical horn reflector (Cornucopia)

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