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Release of Antenna Magus 4.5

Antenna Magus Version 4.5 sees the addition of seven new antennas. (October 2013)
Release of Antenna Magus 4.5

Linear rectangular patch array

New antennas

All the available antennas in the current version of Antenna Magus can be viewed in the antenna database. The following antennas have been made available in Antenna Magus Version 4.5:

  • Linear resonant narrow wall slotted guide array
  • Linear array of rectangular patches (including a corporate feed network)
  • Short dual-waveguide-fed pyramidal horn antenna
  • Dual-ridged pyramidal horn antenna with sidewalls removed
  • Dual-band self-phased quadrifilar helix antenna
  • 4-Arm sinuous antenna with an absorber-loaded cavity-backing
  • 2-Arm log-periodic antenna with an absorber-loaded cavity-backing


Possibly the most interesting of these new antennas is the rectangular patch array. The number of elements can be chosen as 2, 4, 8, 16, 32 or 64 and the model includes a realistic microstrip feeding structure. 

More detail about the above mentioned antennas, please consult the Newsletter 4.5.