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Optenni Lab now available through FEKO distribution and support network

Optenni Lab is now available through the global FEKO distribution network. This closer cooperation between Optenni and FEKO will not only ensure better global technical support but will assist in improving the interaction between the two products to meet our customers needs. (23 January 2013)
Optenni Lab now available through FEKO distribution and support network


Optenni Ltd and EMSS are pleased to announce that the Optenni Lab™ matching circuit optimization software is now available through the EMSS  distribution and support network.

An important challenge in the daily work of antenna design engineers is to ensure the technical specifications are met for antenna bandwidth and efficiency. These characteristics can be enhanced significantly faster and easier using matching circuits than by modifying the antenna’s geometry. Traditionally, designing matching circuits has required special expertise in the areas of impedance matching and circuit simulation tools.

Optenni Lab provides fully automatic matching circuit generation and optimization routines.  The user only needs to specify the desired frequency range and number of components in the matching circuit after which Optenni Lab provides a choice of optimized matching circuit topologies. Optenni Lab uses accurate inductor and capacitor models from major component manufacturers and a fast tolerance analysis to ensure that the manufactured matching circuits will meet the design criteria.

Optenni Lab and FEKO compliment each other well in the antenna design and circuit matching workflow.

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