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FEKO Suite 7.0.2 Feature Update

The FEKO Suite 7.0.2 feature update is now available through the standard update mechanisms - automatic update if internet connection exists or via the download link below.

Some of the new features include:

  • The RL-GO solver has been significantly improved with support for curvilinear triangles (better representation of the geometry gives more accuracy; fewer triangles needed to represent the geometry; includes ray divergence effects).
  • Drastic acceleration of the ray tracing phase through kD trees. Traditional ray-triangle intersection tests had a factor O(M x N) dependency whereas with kD trees this is O(M x log N), where M = no. of rays and N= no. of triangles.
  • Automatic ray launching algorithm where the density by which rays are shot into space is adjusted automatically based on the geometry (and also non-uniform, i.e. finer in some regions and coarser in others).
  • Significant memory and runtime improvements have been observed due to this. e.g. for a ship (at 181 angles) the runtime has been reduced from 1.2 hours to 9min and memory from 1.1GB to 281MB.
  • Another noteworthy extension is a faster SPAI pre-conditioner for MLFMM.

Many fixes and minor extensions have been done with this update.

Download link

Alternatively, get these features by downloading the Hotfix: FEKO-7.0.1 Update Repositories from Altair Connect.